Contrasting Faces

12 05 2008

March 27, 2008

All rights reserved


“Here we have one of the greatest philosophers of all time.” The professor clicked to the next slide. A bearded face stared out from the fuzzy photograph on the projector screen. “Karl Marx. Marx wrote the famous book A Communist Manifesto.”

One student raised her hand. “So, do you agree with him?”

“A government of the people. A great society where all people are on equal terms and wealth and property is distributed evenly. Don’t you agree?” The man gave her a faint smile, and then motioned to the screen. “Remember; the face of communism, the face of the future.”

A desk creaked, breaking the attentive calm.  

All eyes swiveled to the student standing in the back. A slight young man with the dark features and almond eyes of Asian ancestry, he was unobtrusively dressed in jeans and a dark tee-shirt. Around his neck hung a cross on a chain.

He walked slowly to the front of the room, the air crackling with silent tension. The young man turned and looked over the assembled students, his dark eyes filled with sadness. The professor took a step towards him and hesitated.

The student reached up and pulled his shirt off over his head. The class gasped. Before they or the professor could move, the young man turned his back to the crowd.

Angry scars ridged its surface, stark against the smooth skin of his arms and hands.

He spoke softly. “Remember the face of communism, my friends.”







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