19 05 2008
You’re late to your test. You hurry along the sidewalk, dodging and weaving between pedestrians and wondering why you needed those last five minutes on Facebook.

You round a corner and see someone walking slowly down the middle of the sidewalk. You glance at the walls of the buildings on either side–no escape. Your hopes of an A sink into a leaden mass in your stomach.

The person continues to walk slowly down the middle of the sidewalk, seeming to ignore your presence. Annoyance mounts. You can feel it bubbling up, tensing your muscles.

It overflows and you push past them, hurrying towards your classroom. Maybe you can still get in.

You never notice when your heel strikes the white cane in the pedestrian’s hand, sending it clattering to the ground. They stumble, groping for support.

Do we grow angry at blind people for their lack of sight? Annoyed when they complicate our already-busy lives?

I have. I’m pretty sure WE have.

They stumble past you, narrowly missing you as they throw up in the community toilet. You are awakened at 3 a.m. by them screaming at their boyfriend in the hallway. They yell imprecations behind you at sports events or simply won’t turn in their portion of the group project in time. They mock or ignore you because of your beliefs.

Why cannot we extend grace to the blind, if only out of joy. Joy that we are gifted to see the delicate spring flower, the wonder of a sunset, and the glory of the Almighty.




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