19 05 2008
I found out about this tragedy from a friend whose church is affiliated with the students’ college. Please be in prayer for all involved. This is not meant to downplay the teacher’s sacrifice, rather to uphold his example in a spiritual sense as well as physical.


In New Zealand recently several Christian students and their 29-year-old teacher were swept away and drowned by a flash flood. The teacher, Thomas Mclean, strapped himself to a disabled student, despite the fact he had a good chance of reaching shore if alone.

They called him a hero. And so they should. “There is no greater love than this: that a man give up his life for a friend.”

Why, then, do we regard it as overachieving or foolish to give our lives for the sake of a lost friend? To totally restructure our schedule, spend our money and time, take phone calls in the middle of the night just to build relationship with that person.

Could it be because we don’t believe?

Because we do not have conviction in our hearts that our friend, neighbor, co-worker is dying a little every day?

Heroes are more common than we think. But are they common enough?




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