The Dance

19 05 2008

The Dance

“Christ has made man as his warrior, to offer his strength on behalf of Eve so that she might flourish.” (Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge)

As I reflected on these words this afternoon, something finally clicked for me. A basic truth about life, love, and the way God intended for men and women to relate.

Yesterday I watched for some time a group of actors trying to learn swing dance moves for a short video production. A couple who knew the moves well were demonstrating for the rest of the group. It was beautiful, coordinated, each anticipating and completely trusting the other. He lifted her up and made a way for her to shine.

I was struck by the fact that though the man provided the strength and support for these moves, it was the woman who was the focus, the crowning glory of their performance. His strength, her beauty. “…Offer his strength on behalf of Eve so that she might flourish.”

Many woman distrust the strength of men, fearing if they trust themselves to it they will be let down or oppressed. In our fallen world, this does happen.

But if we never join the dance, never choose to throw wide our arms and let ourselves fall, trusting them to catch us, we will never experience the beauty and exhilaration of this dance.

Men, use your strength to lift up and support. Women, trust, let go, fly.

Join The Dance.




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