3 08 2008



Some say religion is a crutch, an old-fashioned invention for weak-minded people.


In a way they’re right.


We’re all walking wounded, broken, hardly able to walk but too proud to ask for or accept help. For eons the human race has crippled through life, plagued by wars, pain, the just fruits of our sinful nature.


Don’t believe me? Look around. Where have all of our clever philosophies gotten us?


A relationship with God is indeed a crutch for Christians, giving us legs to stand on when we have none of our own. Maybe we don’t walk as quickly or smoothly as we should through life’s challenges, but at least we’re making progress.


Why do we so often refuse to use the crutch of God’s grace, preferring to fall flat on our faces? Is it pride, humanity’s eternal bane?


Maybe “religion” is a crutch, but at least it allows us to get somewhere.




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