Make A Way

8 10 2008


      I thought a very foolish thing today.


When we struggle with unrequited or impossible affection for another, I thought, God cannot understand. He’s, well, God.


What a foolish, callous thing to think!


They say if someone truly loves you they will find a way to be with you through all difficulties and impossibilities. Jesus had an impossible love for me.


For you. For us.


My sin, my filth, stood between us. He could not defile Himself with my sin and so defy His very nature. Nevertheless, He found a way.


Jesus found a way to save us, to be with us, though it cost Him shame and frustration and pain and, ultimately, an agonizing death. In the Garden of Gethsemane He sweat blood and shed tears over His decision to carry through with His plan, but in the end He loved us—loved me, and you—enough to make the choice.


He chose us. He loved us more.


He understands our pain and turmoil because He has been there. Greater shame is mine if I ever again say He doesn’t care or just doesn’t understand.


He understands. And He loved me enough to make a way.






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