26 01 2009

          Glory is a word bandied about quite often in the Christian subculture. We “give God the glory,” speak of “living for His glory” and “glorify [his] name in all the earth.”

          Often, it seems, we refer to glory without understanding the true meaning of the word and its effect on our lives.

          What does it mean to “live for God’s glory”?

          I do not claim to have a full grasp of the concept of glory. Like a painting, the concept seems to have increasing shades of definition the closer it is inspected.

          When I first heard theologians express that the reason for the existence of all created beings – including us – is the glorification of God, I wasn’t too keen on the idea. It seemed very arrogant and selfish of God.

          As I recently studied the glory of God in the context of world evangelism more in depth, I have realized the glory of God, or glorifying God, is not as I originally thought it.

          The glory of God, in a Biblical understanding of the word, is an idea of brilliance or radiance. We as humans tend to think of “glorifying” something or someone in terms of exalting it or them in the eyes of others, making them look good regardless of the truth of the image created. However, God is infinite and perfect. We cannot make Him appear better than He actually is, we can only make Him appear worse (as seems to usually happen).

          Therefore, when we glorify God among the peoples in the Biblical sense of the word, we are really just revealing more of God in His inherent brilliance! And, in the process, we ourselves are bathed in it and bettered. Sound good? I think so.

          Let’s glorify!




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