Learn from the Lost

4 03 2009

I have learned much from living among the lost.

I have learned about myself. I have learned about human nature. I have learned about my world. I have learned how to be more like Christ.

I have learned sometimes the lost care more.

They care more about other people. They care more about their work.

A lost person will pick up a drunk friend passed out on the street at 2 a.m. while the rest of us secretly think – though  would never admit it aloud! – that they deserve to stay there.

Maybe they do. But so do we.

I’ve seen lost people pour out their hearts to each other, listen and empathize strongly with each other without fear of condemnation. How many times have I held back, fearing my brother or sister in Christ will think less of me?

Lost people are still lost. I see that displayed so obviously every day. But sometimes, they get it right. Sometimes, they get it right more than Christians.

Is is because they’ve been there? Crawled those streets? Cried those tears?

Echoing Paul’s words, I say this to our shame! My brothers, this should not be!

Thanks be to God I grew up in a believing family and have been spared many bad decisions. I am not suggesting we act foolishly, in a way not in accordance to God’s law, to be able to better empathize with the lost.

I simply suggest we reflect with prayer and repentance, recognizing that sometimes we need to learn from the lost.




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