6 03 2009

Am I willing to be a failure to the world, if only I am used for God’s purposes?

Am I willing to be seen as a failure – a loser – to my peers that I might gain Christ?

Am I willing to be seen as a failure by my family and fellow believers, if I know I hear the voice of God?

God does not promise us successful lives. He does not always call us to fulfill our worldly potential. We might even consider Him wasteful at times (though I don’t know how we can truly accuse Him of wasting what only He has given).

True, at times God has blessed His followers with worldly success. We’ve all heard the stories of Tim Tebow, Isaac Newton, President G.W. Bush – of Christian athletes, scientists, political leaders, businessmen, actors, etc. who “made it big.”

But for every great success story there seem to be so many with the opposite theme.

The star football player who turned down an NFL contract to plant a struggling church in the inner city. The bright, handsome young man who rotted in prison for years on false charges. The heir of a fortune who gave it up to become a missionary and died of disease after two months on the field.

I keep returning to the same question: God, what gives?

Perhaps I still see too much like the world sees.

If I have learned anything from serving the Lord, it’s that He sees success differently than I do. He counts the cost differently.

He is greatly interested in my character and manifestly uninterested, by comparison, in my accolades or “success.”

God doesn’t think like me.

“‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways,’ declares the Lord.” Isaiah 55:8

I may be willing to live a good life for Christ, be a good Christian for Christ, or even be a missionary in the jungles of Peru for Christ.

But am I willing to be a loser for Christ?




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