15 03 2009

I had a dream.

In my dream a woman pled with us to bring Saudis to the concert we would soon attend, where the gospel would be presented.

But when I arrived where I lived, I didn’t see any Saudis to bring. I didn’t really look.

In my dream I was on a long, narrow boat. Before me sat rows and rows of rowers, their faces strained with the effort of propelling the boat. There were many empty seats among the rowers and I wondered why there were no more rowers to fill the seats.

Near me a young man sat backward on a rowing chair, talking congenially with his sister. His sister rowed on.

In a flash I was at the concert. It was crowded with people. A woman stood at the door near me, the same woman who pled with us to bring Saudis. I moved to a nearby table and began eating, but I did not have enough hands to balance all my plates. My friend took one from me.

A guy I recognized from our earlier conversation with the woman came in with two young men. They had dark skin, hair and eyes and were looking around. They looked bewildered, uncomfortable and scared.

Good, I thought, he brought some Saudis. I was relieved someone had; now I didn’t feel so guilty. The three walked past me, down the crowded aisle. I continued to eat.

A few minutes later the three passed me again, this time the guy I recognized hurrying after the two Saudis. The woman scrambled after the guy to press something into his hands, but the door had already swung shut behind the Saudis.

The woman turned back to me regretfully. “If only they would have gotten a tract,” she said. “I had a feeling about those two…”

And then I woke up.

Maybe for good.


Author’s note: This is a real dream. I wrote it down right after I woke up and as accurately as I could recall to its delivery. I will not try to provide an interpretation. God will teach you what He wills from it, as He has taught me.




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