1 08 2009


John 18:

 Even though the soldiers and officials had come looking for Jesus, when they asked if He was Jesus and He answered, “I AM He,” they drew back and fell to the ground (vs. 4-6).

Roman soldiers were no pansies. Why did they react so strongly?

All Jesus did was proclaim His identity. Did they recognize His power and fall down in fear? Or were they expecting God to strike Him down for blasphemy and wanted to be out of range?

Either way, I’d bet the Jews recognized Jesus’ use of “I AM,” (Yahweh), the Old Testament’s special name for God, given by God Himself.

Jesus was proclaiming Himself to be God.

I also find it interesting that the passage says one of the disciples entered the high priest’s house after Jesus was arrested because he was known to the high priest (vs.15). Talk about an awkward situation! This disciple gave up some very influential connections to stay with Jesus.

We tend to have a fuzzy-wuzzy view of God idea of Jesus as the one who healed people and told stories to children.

Which He did.

But He also was a man who knew exactly who He was, where he came from and where He was going. He didn’t pull any punches when He boldly stated that He is the King and the Truth.

All through His questioning by the Sanhedren Jesus was articulate, self-possessed and excelled at making them squirm.

Even in the midst of these situations, Jesus always comes off feeling like he’s in control of everything—like the winner.




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