14 10 2009



 You may look like a hard-working, unassuming cowboy. And that’s worth being proud of too. But what determines the measure of a man is his legacy.

 Some build skyscrapers and monuments for their legacy. You built the Church.

 Some raise themselves from obscurity to power. You raised your sons to be men of integrity who love and serve the Lord and their families.

 Some men passionately pursue their dream of success. You passionately pursued Christ’s dream of everyone experiencing His love through your life.

 Your legacy is your neighbors who know you not because of what you’ve done but because of who you are.

 Your legacy is your friends who know Christ because you know Him.

 Your legacy is little children who call you ‘uncle’ because you treated them as someone important.

 Your legacy is other men who are stronger, better men because you shared your strength.

 Your legacy is the precious smile of a baby boy who will grow up praising the Lord because you did.

 Your legacy is the child in the slums of India who may come to know the love of Christ because your grandson showed it to him.

 But ultimately, your legacy is one of a humble man of integrity, who spent his life walking in the dust of his beloved rabbi.

 Walk freely, now, to Him.




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