5 01 2010

I am a storyteller.

Not a doctor, a lawyer, a politician, a businesswoman, or even a linguist.

Just a storyteller.

What is a storyteller? Most people don’t even know. A novelist? A cinematographer? A journalist or television host? Perhaps all of these and more.

In many cultures the storyteller was, and still is, a sacred member of their communities. The storyteller was charged with remembering and recording the myths and events of their people—their history and the simple, profound stories that reveal the truths about their world and how they view it and interact with it.

I believe American culture has lost most of their storytellers. There are many good writers. A glance through a bookshelf or a trip to the theater will prove that true.

But there are so few storytellers.

A person who loves a good story and who will persevere to seek it out, because they cannot turn away from the lure of its discovery. A person who is fascinated by people’s stories, who never forgets them, and tells others in a way they will never forget.

A person who can see the big picture and reveal the details. A person who remembers the past and uses it in the present to shape the future.

I am a storyteller. I strive to be a storyteller.

Why? I have no idea.

I just know I can’t be anything or anyone else.

It’s precious to me, a sacred calling. Christ was the first and best storyteller, and He continues to write our story.

Why am I a storyteller and not a writer? Writers invent—storytellers reveal. I do not write the script, I only tell His story.




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