7 05 2010

It’s not leaving the close friends that is hard. I know I’ll see them again.

It’s saying goodbye to the circle just outside it. It’s the people you can’t just call up if you’re in town, but it makes your day to see them on the sidewalk and to talk to them or even just see them Thursday or Sunday nights.

It’s the unique blend of backgrounds and personalities and ministry spheres that make up the rich texture of my Church family at K-State. It’s like living with your family for three short years, embracing them and pouring your heart into them, and then leaving them until heaven reunites us.

It’s exciting in a way, thinking about them serving the Lord all over the world, even though I won’t be there to see it. It’s also hard, knowing that I won’t be there to see it, to encourage them through the hard times and rejoice with them in the good. It’s hard to think that some won’t make it. It’s probably easier to not see that.

But in all this I rejoice – that they are just part of a larger family extending all over the world, that I’ve had the privilege of growing with them and serving with them and being shaped, encouraged, and inspiered by them. I rejoice in the sweet fellowship we’ve shared, the prayers we’ve prayed together and for each other, the joyful worship we’ve raised to Christ with one heart.

I can’t wait to do it again with them someday.




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