Porto – Portugal!

25 07 2012

The moon rises over the beach near Porto, Portugal. My team had the amazing opportunity to catch a picnic and sunset, as well as play a little football (soccer) on the sand.

Bom dia!

First of all, thank you so much for praying, it makes all the difference in the world! We are already seeing God work in amazing ways in my life, in the lives of my teammates, and in the ministry here in Portugal.

One of the biggest ways I’ve seen His hand is through my wonderful teammates…nine girls and then Moses and Daniel, the sons of the pastor here. All nine of us gals are having a slumber party every night in one of the church members’ convos, and it has been such a healing time of deep conversations and lots and lots of laughter! 

In the dance workshops today we had several kids come who are in the foster care system. Praise the Lord for that and please pray that we would be able to connect with them despite the language barrier and show them God’s love.

One of the most meaningful experience of personal growth for me so far is God calling me far outside my comfort zone to learn a contemporary dance and a hip-hop routine with my (much more talented and trained) teammates. At first I told God, “No. I’m here to be a journalist. I can’t dance.” But He knows what I can and can’t do, and I simply had a wonderful time becoming a part of my teammates’ world in this way…they were so patient and encouraging!

Please pray:

1) That God would bind satan’s efforts to cause miscommunication/disunity between our Portugese brothers and ourselves as we serve together.

2) That my computer cord (or an alternate) can be found, so I can work some on editing pictures.

3) That God would open doors to have a place to do the dance show (where we will share our testimonies with the public) this Friday and Saturday…they’re getting a bit of a run-around because it’s an evangelical church.

Thanks again so much and keep the prayers coming!  In the mean time, enjoy the photos!



Daniel shows a dance step to one of the girls from the foster home during the hip-hop workshop Tuesday.


I started massaging a teammate’s sore muscles and within moments an entire chain had formed! Notice my team leader Hannah’s beautiful smiling face in the front (you’ll find me near the middle of things, per usual).


Yup. That’s me. The journalist. Front and center in one of our hip-hop dance numbers…God certainly enjoys pushing me outside my comfort zone! But I’ve had so much fun. 🙂


Teammates Ariana (US), Hannah (US), Hannah (UK) and myself enjoy a bonding moment on the beach near Porto.




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